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SIGMOD 2021 Best Papers Award

We are delighted to announce the ACM SIGMOD 2021 Best Paper Awards.

New for this year, instead of choosing a single best paper award, we selected >1 best papers and honorable mentions. In addition, we selected best papers across all major tracks: data management, data science, and industry.

The winners are as follows:

Data Management: Best Papers

1) Bao: Making Learned Query Optimization Practical.
Ryan Marcus (MIT & Intel Labs), Parimarjan (MIT), Hongzi Mao (MIT), Nesime Tatbul (MIT & Intel Labs), Mohammad Alizadeh (MIT), Tim Kraska (MIT)
Curated Session: ML-based Data Management
First run / Second run

2) DFI - The Data Flow Interface for High-Speed Networks.
Lasse Thostrup (TU Darmstadt), Jan Skrzypczak (Zuse Institute), Matthias Jasny (TU Darmstadt), Tobias Ziegler (TU Darmstadt), Carsten Binnig (TU Darmstadt)
Curated Session: High Performance Systems
First run / Second run

Data Science: Best Paper

SliceLine: Fast, Linear-Algebra-based Slice Finding for ML Model Debugging.
Svetlana Sagadeeva (Graz University of Technology), Matthias Boehm (Graz University of Technology)
Curated Session: Systems and ML
First run / Second run

Industry: Best Paper

FoundationDB: A Distributed Unbundled Transactional KeyValue Store.
Jingyu Zhou (Apple), Meng Xu (Apple), Alexander Shraer (Apple), Alex Miller (Snowflake), Bala Namasivayam (Apple), Evan Tschannen (Snowflake), Rusty Sears (Apple), John Leach (Apple), Dave Rosenthal (Apple), Will Wilson (, Ben Collins (, David Scherer (, Steve Atherton (Snowflake), Andrew Beamon (Snowflake), Xin Dong (Apple), Alec Grieser (Apple), Young Liu (Apple), Alvin Moore (Apple), Bhaskar Muppana (Apple), Xiaoge Su (Apple), Vishesh Yadav (Apple)
Curated Session: Distributed and Cloud
First run / Second run

Data Management: Honorable Mentions

1) JSON Tiles: Fast Analytics on Semi-Structured Data.
Dominik Durner (TUM)*; Viktor Leis ( Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg); Thomas Neumann (TUM)
Curated Session: Data and Graph Mining
First run / Second run

2) To Partition, or Not to Partition: That is the Join Question in a Real System.
Maximilian Bandle (TUM)*; Jana Giceva (TU Munich); Thomas Neumann (TUM)
Curated Session: High Performance Systems
First run / Second run

3) Rethink the Scan in MVCC Databases.
Jongbin Kim (Hanyang University), Kihwang Kim (Hanging University), Hyunsoo Cho (Hanyang University), Jaeseon Yu (Hanyang University), Sooyong Kang (Hanyang University), Hyungsoo Jung (Hanyang University)
Curated Session: Transactions and Blockchain
First run / Second run

Industry: Honorable Mention

Steering Query Optimizers: A Practical Take on Big Data Workloads.
Parimarjan Negi (MIT CSAIL), Matteo Interlandi (Microsoft), Ryan Marcus (MIT CSAIL), Mohammad Alizadeh (MIT), Tim Kraska (MIT), Marc Friedman (Microsoft), Alekh Jindal (Microsoft)
Curated Session: ML-based Data Management
First run /Second run

Congratulations to everyone!!!

Best Paper Awards Committee

Dennis Shasha, Stratos Idreos, Divesh Srivastava, Anastasia Ailamaki, Fatma Ozcan

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